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Revive Auto Hail Repair is Grapevine’s top choice when it comes to high-quality hail dent repair. Prevent unsightly dents and dings from hail from becoming larger issues. Revive Auto Hail Repair is simple, fast and affordable with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.



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GRAPEVINE Hail & Dent Repair Team

Revive Auto Hail Repair is a locally-owned and operated auto hail dent removal service proudly serving Grapevine, Texas. We pride ourselves on providing the best client experience possible. Our advanced technology and skilled technicians deliver high-quality hail damage removal that you can trust, preventing further damage to your car and saving you time and money. We treat each client like family and give every vehicle the attention it needs.



Revive Auto Hail Repair is turning heads in the auto dent repair industry. Specializing in paintless dent repair plus a full line up of conventional dent repair services, Revive Auto Hail Repair provides a unique level of service not typically associated with the auto hail repair industry. With free vehicle pick-up and delivery, a free rental car if needed, and assistance in filing your insurance claim, Revive Auto Hail Repair is a local company you can trust for exceptional quality, competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service. 

Paintless Dent Repair

Revive Auto Hail Repair specializes in Paintless Dent Repair, a breakthrough non-invasive process that repairs auto hail damage without the need for sanding, filling or painting which means your vehicle’s factory finish is left undisturbed. PDR is also a much quicker process than conventional repair because there is no repainting involved. Revive Auto Hail Repair can remove a broad range of auto hail damage with PDR dent repair and can usually have your vehicle back within a day or two. The residents of Grapevine know they can rely on Revive Auto Hail Repair for high-quality, paintless dent repair which restores vehicles back to their original factory finish, helping them look newer for longer.  

Parts Replacement

Sometimes body panels are not the only victims of hail damage. Moldings, trim and even windshields can also be damaged by hail. Revive Auto Hail Repair offers a full range of OEM and aftermarket replacement parts, expertly installed with the same level of craftsmanship that Grapevine residents have come to expect from the leading provider of auto hail repair services. Our skilled technicians will inspect your vehicle and assess whether PDR dent repair is suitable or if conventional dent repair is required and which, if any, parts should be replaced. 

Conventional Auto Body Repair

Our skilled technicians will evaluate your auto body hail damage and determine if PDR dent repair is suitable or if conventional vehicle dent repair is a better solution. While conventional auto dent repair may require sanding, filling and repainting of your vehicle’s body panels, Revive’s team of technicians will never compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s body panels. Revive Auto Hail Repair’s demand for high standards means our expert hail damage repair technicians deliver consistently high-quality work to ensure you are always 100% satisfied.

Service and Repair

Revive Auto Hail Repair is revolutionizing the vehicle dent repair industry. In today’s world when customers rely on their vehicles more than ever, we have removed many of the hurdles that prevent people from getting their hail damaged car repaired, like high costs or having to do without a vehicle.   

With as little interruption to your day as possible, we arrive at your residence or place of work to inspect your vehicle for free and will then transport it back to our dent repair shop to carry out the work. To make sure you still have a means of transport while the hail damage is being repaired, we will also arrange for a free rental car if your insurance doesn’t cover one. Revive Auto Hail Repair’s expert team then works with your insurance company to file the hail damage insurance claim and we stay in regular contact with you throughout the process to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

If a hailstorm has damaged your vehicle, Revive Auto Hail Repair is Grapevine’s go-to solution for dent repair that can handle all types of auto hail damage. We give each vehicle the individual attention it needs and our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


Grapevine, a city in north Texas, is located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and is known for its preserved 19th and 20th-century buildings. As home to DFW International Airport, Grapevine first became known for transportation in 1888 when the Cotton Belt Railroad opened its railroad depot in Grapevine and became a stop between Missouri and Fort Worth.

Grapevine’s Main Street features many of the restored historic buildings and is lined with more than 80-locally owned restaurants, boutiques, jewelry stores, winery tasting rooms, and art galleries. The Cotton Belt Railroad Depot is the starting point of the Grapevine Vintage Railroad where you can enjoy a ride in an original Victorian train, going from Main Street station to the Fort Worth Stockyards. But if trains aren’t your thing, consider exploring the Cotton Belt Railroad District which is home to artisans’ workshops, including a glass-blowing studio, a blacksmith and a bronze foundry; or indulge in a foodie tour and hit all the winery tasting rooms and high-caliber restaurants in town.


In Grapevine, Texas like other towns in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex area, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are cold and windy, and it is partly cloudy year-round. The average temperatures range from 36°F to 96°F but are rarely below 24°F or above 102°F. 

When the citizens of Grapevine experience severe hail storms and need dent repair services, Revive Auto Hail Repair is standing by to provide expert, hassle-free hail damage car repair services. With competitive pricing, free vehicle pick-up, and delivery, a rental car if needed, and assistance filing your insurance claim, it’s easy to understand why Revive Auto Hail Repair is the popular choice for hail dent repair in Grapevine, Texas.

What Our Clients Say

Revive was excellent! They handled everything promptly and professionally from start to finish. I had the opportunity to watch their technicians and found them to be extremely meticulous and precise. I have recommended them to friends and family and will continue to do so. I am a client for life!

Josh F.

Just got my truck back from the shop and I couldn’t recommend them any more than the 5 stars allow. They took care of my rental fixed the hail damage and I got them to fix a scratch/dent and the truck looks like new again. Great customer service from Joe and John and great work!

Arnold C.

The experience here was unmatched. I walked in and spent less than 10 minutes before I headed to get a rental…If you have auto hail damage, there’s no question where you should go!

Justin S.


Common FAQs

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No. You can take your vehicle to any repair shop that you choose. Insurance companies can no longer force or “steer” you to one shop or the another. It is your choice to make, however, make sure that you do your due diligence when shopping around for repair shops.

Our team uses state of the art technology to do the job right, and get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible.

We understand that your life is busy and hectic, it is our pledge to you that we will provide you with a free rental vehicle! We will even meet you at Enterprise.

All of our repairs and services are fully guaranteed. We take pride in our work and it shows through the results we have gotten for our customers.